Hypercoil 6" x 2.0" x 1700 lbs/inch Race Spring



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Free Length 6"
Spring Inside Diameter 2.0"
Spring Rate (lbs/inch) 1700
Part Number 186C1700
Notes Springs sold individually

Conventional Springs

Hyperco's neverending pursuit of Performance has lead to yet another breakthrough in Conventional Motorsports spring design -- the "Dynamic Travel Response" enhancement!

Our engineers analyzed the dynamic characteristics that are essential to Conventional Spring performance and utilized this data to develop the Dynamic Travel Response design concept. Our conventional springs are engineered to exceed the dynamic performance requirements for travel and rate linearity placed on them in the race car. Another result of the DTR concept is a significant reduction in the physical weight of each spring. As spring travel and total load requirements are part of the Dynamic Travel design criteria, Hyperco was able to reduce the weight and improve the performance of our entire Conventional Spring line without compromising consistency and durability.

The results are in...Hyperco's Dynamic Travel Response enhancement is a winner at every level (dirt & pavement).

Optimum Body Diameter

Optimum Body Diameter (OBD) Hypercoils feature a unique design concept that adjusts the body diameter of the spring relative to the end coils. The OBD design enables Hyperco to take full advantage of its ultra-high tensile material by optimizing the applied stress through adjusting the spring's body diameter.

The results are in and they are simply incredible:
More Deflection
Less Weight
Increased Rate Linearity
More Resistance to Bowing
Fits All Standard Hardware
Maintains Free Length

Ultra High Travel

Ultra High Travel (UHT) Hypercoils are designed specifically for light rate / high travel coil-over applications (dirt & pavement). UHT designs meet the requirements of soft spring / big bar set ups and remain consistent in free length & installed height. The new UHT design features a larger "body bulge" over our standard OBD designs, allowing for additional deflection, rate linearity and resistance to bowing.

Currently available in 12", 14", 15" & 16" free lengths with 2.5" inner diameter.

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