How To: Mazda RX8 Delrin Offset Upper Front Control Arm Bushings

by ProParts USA Staff October 05, 2016

Installing Mazda RX8 Delrin Offset Upper Front Control Arm Bushings

There are two purposes for using Delrin offset bushings. One is to add additional negative camber to achieve more front tire grip. The second is to make the steering more precise by eliminating most of the movement from the original rubber bushing. The key to getting both benefits is making sure that when the arm is bolted back in and tight, the arm rotates as freely as possible.

 Watch a video on how to remove the original bushings.

 Here is what you will need to remove the original bushings:

  • Threaded Rod at least 14.0” long. Recommended size is 3/8-16
  • (4) Nuts with the same size and tread pitch as the tread rod
  • Flat washers same as the rod size. You will need at least (1) that has an OD of 1.750 or larger
  • Propane Torch
  • Hack Saw or something that will allow you the cut through a thin steel sleeve

 Watch a video on how to install the Delrin offset bushings.

 Here is what you will need to install the new Delrin offset bushings: 

  • Tap, 6mm x1.0
  • Tap Handle
  • Loctite, Blue or Red
  • Hex Key Wrench, 3mm
  • Drill Bit, There are a few sizes that will work. We used a 5mm drill bit. The 9-12 number drills or a 3/16 will also work, but it is harder for the tap to cut threads, as the pilot hole gets smaller
  • Epoxy, 5 minute or slower cure time
  • Mallet
  • Silver Sharpie or equivalent to put alignment lines on a black bushing

 If you have questions after you have read these instructions and watched the videos, contact us.



ProParts USA Staff
ProParts USA Staff